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Maximilian felt that he should have been born in another century because he felt so attracted to very old-fashioned, antediluvian beliefs. He maintained an antediluvian practice of wearing a stiffly starched collar, pocket watch, and a nineteenth-century pinstripe Victorian suit. Marjory thought that Max’s outdated habits were charming in an Old World sort of way, but she disagreed with his antediluvian beliefs about women’s place in society, which were anything but up-to-date. Over time, Max changed some of his antediluvian views to more modern ones so that the feminist Marjory would marry him.

Quiz: What are antediluvian objects to have in your home?

  • Rugs spread throughout the home over hardwood floors.
  • Bronze chandeliers that require candles for light.
  • Ceiling fans that keep a room cool, even in hot weather.

Memory Hook

Antediluvian Ann + Ted = Luv It's carved on that old tree, but that antediluvian carving is so outdated that Ann has had six other boyfriends since Ted.


  • Only sequoias have the heroic, fabulous, antediluvian stature of the first days of the world, being contemporary with the great prehistoric animals. — Jean Baudrillard, French sociologist, philosopher, and cultural theorist, from _Cool Memories_ Jean baudrillard, french sociologist, philosopher, and cultural theorist, from _cool memories_
  • Some [letters] were written by hand, some typed on clunky Apple computers and printed out on that antediluvian computer paper we used before laser printers, the kind with little perforations along the sides. I had actually forgotten about that paper, and about the dot-matrix printers that went with it, until I discovered a cache of letters during a recent move, all of which had been written using that sort of late-1980s equipment. —The Washington Post
  • By mastering antediluvian musical syntax, the Ramblers accorded the old-time string band canon great respect while also equipping themselves to reimagine it with their own exuberant stamp. —The New York Times
  • Such works of paleoart—a genre that uses fossil evidence to reconstruct vanished worlds—directly shape the way humans imagine the distant past. . . . In the apocalyptic watercolors of John Martin, nightmarish beasts writhed and flailed in the antediluvian ooze. —The Atlantic

Word Ingredients

ante- before
di- thoroughly
luv wash
-an relating to

A flood “thoroughly washes” the land. The idea here is that something antediluvian is so old that it happened before the Biblical Flood.

Word Constellation