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The Greeks used anthropomorphic or humanlike gods to explain natural phenomena. The anthropomorphic Poseidon was imagined to be a huge man who could use his trident to stir up the sea or crash into the ground to cause earthquakes. His brother Zeus, the king of the gods, possessed an anthropomorphic, human-shaped body that was strong and muscular, easily capable of hurling thunderbolts across the sky. Often cultures will make their gods anthropomorphic or possessing human characteristics to make them more accessible to their human worshipers.

Quiz: What is an example of an anthropomorphic being?

  • A monster that would like to be human—but is not.
  • A creature that resembles a human.
  • A goddess with a love for humanity.

Memory Hook


  • Anthropomorphic Mannequins” was made several years ago and is a photo of the actual high-speed, test track dummies used for research at White Sands Missile Range. These are life-sized anthropomorphic mannequins that simulate actual human traits. They were used to develop seat belts used in cars and aircraft. —Huffington Post
  • The evidence suggests there's a huge continuity in intelligence among all vertebrate species. The discontinuity is between humans and nonhumans, and is a result of language, which is uniquely human. The people who take the animal-rights position and claim that animals are just like us are actually taking a very anthropomorphic and anti-evolutionary view. —The Atlantic
  • Mr. Williamson relates how care was taken to select stories appropriate to children’s development; the very young, between 3 and 5, heard anthropomorphic tales so they might learn of love and respect for animals and nature. —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

anthrop human
-o- connective
morph shape, form
-ic nature of, like

Something anthropomorphic has the “nature of human form.”

Word Theater

Jason and the Argonauts The anthropomorphic statue of Talos comes to life!

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