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When the Stuart family moved into their rich uncle’s crumbling mansion, local apocryphal rumors questionably claimed that it was haunted. While exploring the attic, Sam Stuart, the youngest son, remembered the fictitious and apocryphal stories told about the ghost when he thought he saw a shadow in a dark corner. Hair raised on end, Sam shared his story at dinner, yet another incident added to the collection of doubtful, apocryphal tales about the house spirit.

Quiz: What is an appropriate response to an apocryphal story?

  • Add details to the narrative to make it more interesting.
  • Apply its moral lesson in your interactions with others.
  • Investigate its source because it may not be factual.

Memory Hook

A Pocket Full? Pinocchio once said he'd collected a whole pocket full of gold coins ... was Pinocchio's story true, or apocryphal, a pocket full of lies?


Word Ingredients

apo- away, from
crypt hidden
-al of or relating to

The truth of an apocryphal tale or belief is “hidden away.”

Word Constellation