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  • Verb




There I was, behind enemy lines and sure I was about to be captured or caught. I moved quietly, but I still kept expecting my enemies to pop out from behind the next row of bushes and capture or take me by surprise and hold me. I knew I would fail to complete my job if they were able to capture or catch and keep me. I suddenly saw that I had made it to their hiding place, so I captured or grabbed their flag and won the game for my team!

Quiz: What do you do when you capture something?

  • You let it go because you think that everything should be free.
  • You look at it from far away and wish that you could have it.
  • You get it and try to make sure that it doesn’t get away.

Memory Hook

Captain's Fishing Lure If you want to capture a really big fish, use Captain Pike's fishing lure, for it's guaranteed to land you one big fish!


  • Daniel and Asa have become fast friends — some times a blessing and some times not as they will chase after me and Cassie with some horrid toad they've caught, or garden snake they've captured. —A Gathering of Days
  • He lifted the spigot at the base of the oak barrel and captured a few ounces of amber liquid in a glass jelly jar. —Moon Over Manifest

Word Ingredients

capt taken, seized
-ure shows action

When you capture something, it has been “taken.”

Word Theater

Animated James Pokemon Capture (YouTube) This is certainly an easy and cool way to capture a creature!

Word Constellation


Word Variants

captive v someone who has been caught and kept