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The directions to my house are complicated or tricky to figure out, so pay close attention. The directions are so complicated or involved because there are so many turns and one-way streets. Besides that, you must go through the shopping center with the complicated parking lot which has eighty-five different ways to go … and only one of which is right. Once you get here, if you ever do, we can play that complicated board game that has so many rules that it’s very hard to know what’s happening.

Quiz: What is an aspect of a complicated problem?

  • It is hard to solve.
  • It is impossible to solve.
  • It is easy to solve.

Memory Hook

Computer License Dated In order to use your computer at school, you need to have a dated license, which makes using that computer somewhat complicated!


  • "The Neanderthal story can no longer be told as a European story only. It’s a much more complicated story," said Hershkovitz. —ABC News
  • The thing is, the immune system is very complicated. Arguably the most complex part of the human body outside the brain, it’s an absurdly intricate network of cells and molecules that protect us from dangerous viruses and other microbes. —The Atlantic

Word Ingredients

com- thoroughly
plic fold
-ate make something have a certain quality
-ed having a particular state

Something which is complicated is so “thoroughly folded” up that it is very difficult to “unfold” its meaning or solution.

Word Theater

Star Trek This is one complicated card game!

Word Constellation


Word Variants

complication n a difficulty that arises in a situation
complicate v to make things more difficult to do or understand