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In his lecture on the causes of the Civil War, the professor connected or concatenated separate, isolated happenings together into a logical chain of events. Samuel had never thought about the events of his grandfather’s lifetime in this linked, concatenated way before. As he listened to the professor speak, Samuel finally understood how these separate events joined and concatenated into a chain of influences and reactions that produced the final conflict.

Quiz: What is an example of concatenating?

  • Twisting together steel rings to make chainmail.
  • One word that has dozens of different definitions.
  • Deleting unnecessary words from your lengthy essay.

Memory Hook

Nate's Cat Cones Nate stuffed cats into large ice cream cones in order to concatenate them into cone cat chains.


  • Then Jim came up with the idea of bringing together a group of established characters from different milieus into one situation and having them concatenate. —The New York Times
  • Learn how to split text into separate cells or combine text into a cell using the split and concatenate functions in Google Sheets. Many people use Google Sheets to take text from a single cell and split the contents into different cells in different columns, or accomplish the reverse action, where you take text from separate cells and combine it into one. —Tech Republic
  • Mr. Frost, inquiring whether Nixon felt that the invasion of Cambodia fueled the growth of the Khmer Rouge, uses the word "concatenate." —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

con- with, together
caten chain
-ate make something have a certain quality

Separate elements that concatenate “chain together.”

Word Theater

Advertisement: Barrel of Monkeys Concatenating toy monkeys.

Word Constellation