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  • Noun




Facebook allowed me to keep up a connection or link between my best friend and myself when he moved away to California. We both really wanted to keep our connection or bond to each other strong even though we were so far away, so Facebook was a great way to do that. Even though it is now many years later, our connection or tie of friendship has stayed very strong, and we even see each other every summer. It is much easier these days to keep connections with other people who live far away, since the Internet can more easily bring us all together.

Quiz: What is a connection?

  • It is something that drives two people apart for quite some time.
  • It is something that joins two things or people together.
  • It is something that people often wish for but only sometimes get.

Memory Hook

Too Much Connection Itreallywouldn'tdotohaveaconnectionofallthelettersinasentence.


  • “We wanted to make sure they felt safe and welcome in an environment that really restored their connection to learning, sense of belonging, sense of community on campus,” Salazar said. —Los Angeles Times
  • Johnny wanted to stop—tell that fellow—that Rab—of his great connections, but decided to wait until he was sure of his welcome into the Lyte family. —Esther Hoskins Forbes, American writer, from _Johnny Tremain_

Word Ingredients

con- with, together
nect tie, bind
-ion act, state, or result of doing something

A connection is a “tying together” of two things.

Word Theater

The Love Connection The show that tries to connect people!

Word Constellation


Word Variants

connect v to join together