• Adj.




The dragon was never content or happy with the amount of gold and jewels that he had, for he was always flying off to get more. King Midas was not content or pleased with the amount of gold that he had either, so he wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. One day the dragon tried to steal King Midas’s gold, and the king responded by touching the dragon, which at first made Midas content or glad since he then owned a huge golden dragon! But when he showed his daughter Rosemary the golden dragon, he mistakenly turned her into gold as well, which did not make King Midas content or joyful in the least!

Quiz: How is someone feeling if they are content at school?

  • They want to take harder classes.
  • They wish that they could change schools.
  • They are pleased with their classes.

Memory Hook

Ice Cream Cone Tent The only way that I'll be content is if I get to go to the ice cream cone tent right now!


  • The first day or so I was content simply to sleep away some of the accumulated exhaustion of the winter. —Jacob Have I Loved
  • I nodded contentedly in agreement, liking the way he said my name, and pleased by his approval. —A Gathering of Days

Word Ingredients

con- with, together
ten have, hold

The idea behind content is that if someone contains or “holds” himself “together,” that is, does not do things to excess but rather just enough to satisfy his needs, he will be content (eating just enough of something makes one content, whereas eating too much of something makes one not very content at all, for no one wants to deal with things like stomachaches!).

Word Theater

Ben Glenn (Learn to be Content) Ben Glenn talking about being content.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

contentment n a feeling of happiness or being pleased about something
content n that which is within something or being held by it