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  • Noun




When I found the old book filled with the unreadable code, it presented quite the conundrum or puzzle. I just couldn’t figure out the unknown and impenetrable language—it was quite the challenging conundrum. Only after five years of trying to understand this nearly impossible conundrum did I finally solve its riddle.

Quiz: What is a conundrum?

  • A task that requires the work of many people.
  • A puzzle or mystery that is almost impossible to solve.
  • A huge challenge in the professional realm.

Memory Hook

Conundrum Nun's Convent Drum How can a nun have a drum in the convent when she is supposed to be quiet and praying all day? The conundrum of the nun's convent drum shall have to be solved by the abbess herself, who had declared that "none" have drums!


  • Ashland, Ore. - It’s an environmental conundrum: As states try to meet their clean-energy goals, must endangered species pay a price? —The Christian Science Monitor
  • Even the woman at the center of the conundrum speaks her own name in two distinct ways when she refers to herself in the third person. —Rolling Stone
  • The conundrums you mention are common ones — though with somewhat complicated solutions, mainly because we're so used to using plastic for all these tasks you mentioned. —Los Angeles Times
  • The controversy over Puerto Los Cabos points to an eternal conundrum in this region: how to accommodate legions of tourists whose dollars are essential to the local economy without destroying the natural beauty that draws them. —Los Angeles Times

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No ingredients are given for this word because its origin is either uncertain or unknown, a designation which is perfectly suitable for this word!

Word Theater

Cold Mountain Inman faces a tricky conundrum.

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