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At first, Harriet did not listen to me at all when I tried to convince or make her believe that I was actually from the planet Neptune. I tried using all the Neptune words I knew to convince her that what I was saying was true, but she thought that I was making them up. So, in order to fully convince or get her to trust me, I took her to Neptune in my spaceship so that she would know my words were true. Ever since that time I have no longer needed to convince or get her to believe what I say—now she takes my word for it!

Quiz: What are you doing if you are trying to convince someone of something?

  • You are asking them for some help with a problem that you’re having.
  • You are telling them all about your fun day at school.
  • You are trying to get them to see things the way you do.

Memory Hook

Convent Once and for All Once I was convinced to enter the convent, I was a nun once and for all!


  • In Houston, Nathaly Martinez said she didn’t think college was an option. . . . A conversation with her guidance counselor convinced her that it couldn’t hurt to apply. —USA Today
  • “We spend all this time trying to convince kids to put their thinking forward even when they’re wrong,” she said. “We want to celebrate mistakes." —The Seattle Times

Word Ingredients

con- thoroughly
vinc win
e used for spelling and pronunciation

When you “thoroughly win” someone over to your way of thinking, you convince that person that what you think is right.

Word Theater

YouTube: D News: The Best Way to Convince People They're Wrong Charts are good at convincing people that they are not right about something.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

convincing adj causing to agree