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The young gentleman looks dapper, well groomed, and neat in his new, striped suit. He walks along the sidewalk in a crisp and dapper manner, with a lively spring in his step. All the young ladies admire his dapper and stylish appearance, thinking to themselves that such a sharply dressed man must be on his way to do something very important or fun.

Quiz: What would a dapper man be likely to wear?

  • An expensive watch that signals his wealth and power.
  • A well-fitted silk suit with a stylish hat and polished shoes.
  • A hand-me-down suit that is stained and wrinkled.

Memory Hook

Dapper Dapper Dan In the film O Brother Where Art Thou, Ulysses used Dapper Dan on his hair which made him look quite smashing and dapper.


  • Kimron Dixon had an extra reason to wake up early for Tuesday's first day of school in the city. The 11-year-old was starting sixth grade at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School. And for the third straight year, scores of men from the community—dapper and dignified, in suits and in uniform—would be waiting for him and other King students outside the north Hartford school in a receiving line of high-fives and we-are-here-for-you camaraderie. —Hartford Courant
  • Among the men in attendance, the designer Dapper Dan—an original and a Gucci collaborator—won the night, wearing a design of his own: an embroidered tailcoat, an embroidered waistcoat, a perfect trouser. —The New Yorker
  • [Tom Wolfe] was absolutely an iconic figure. And you couldn't miss him in publishing circles and in literary circles. He was always dressed in white. He looked extremely dapper. He had a three-piece white suit complete with tie and a hat, always. He never dressed in any other color. —NPR
  • A dapper, elegant man with a vast wardrobe, Mr. Hook had a flair for the grand gesture and theatrical flourish, which would sometimes startle tourists when he did a pirouette before leading them to a table. —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

From a root word meaning “neatness.”

Word Theater

YouTube: Henry Herbert Tailors These men are dapper!

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