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  • Verb




I really couldn’t figure out what kind of shoes I wanted, but my father said I had to decide or make a choice in the next ten hours. It was very hard for me to decide or figure out what one pair I wanted, so I asked him if I could have two—and he agreed. It took me the full ten hours to decide upon or select the pairs I wanted because there were three pairs that I just had to have! Nevertheless, I did at last decide upon or choose the two pairs that I wanted and left that poor third pair all alone.

Quiz: What do you do when you decide upon something?

  • You hope to form an idea of what you want.
  • You make a choice.
  • You think about it for a long time.

Memory Hook

December Sleigh Ride I live in Vermont because I decided long ago that I would like to be able to take December sleigh rides.


Word Ingredients

de- off
cid cut
e used for spelling and pronunciation

When you decide something, you “cut off” all other choices in favor of one choice.

Word Theater

Mockinjay Seneca Crane either decided to stop breathing or he ate poisonous berries.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

decision n a choice
decisive adj having the ability to make a choice