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The swim coach proved to be one of the most energetic, effervescent, and cheerful teachers Jim had ever had. At practice, the effervescent, enthusiastic coach would shout slogans like, “Go for it, Jim!” while waving his arms about for the entire practice session. Jim wondered how much coffee the coach drank before practice to be so effervescent and full of energy at five o’clock in the morning.

Quiz: Which person is effervescent?

  • Hailey is high-spirited and extremely excited as she cheers for her team.
  • Farrah is focused and driven as she works toward a long-term goal.
  • Marie is motivated and encouraging as she collaborates with her lab partners.

Memory Hook

Merv's Scent Effect Marvelous Merv's new perfume has such a lively scent that it has the effect of making someone effervescent.


  • Kapilow himself works the crowd with a seemingly endless supply of high energy and bubbly good humor. Part evangelist, part effervescent game-show host, he takes his cordless mike into the fray to ask children questions and set up the show's overall concept. —The Christian Science Monitor
  • "What happens inside a smaller avalanche does not matter to me," says Betty Sovilla, an effervescent Italian who manages the site. —Wired
  • These two characters are now being infused with the effervescent talents of the brothers Giuffre—Carlos as Parascandolo, and Aldo as Vicenzino. —The Christian Science Monitor

Word Ingredients

ef- thoroughly
ferv boil, be hot
-escent becoming, beginning to be

If one’s personality is becoming effervescent about something, it is “beginning to be thoroughly boiling,” that is, “bubbling” with enthusiasm.

Word Constellation