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My brother and his wife choose to avoid the craziness of the winter holidays, eschewing fancy Christmas celebrations. They eschew or steer clear of decorating a tree with lights or putting up garlands. They deliberately eschew or avoid at all costs what they see as a widespread commercialization of a holy season. My nieces and nephews, however, do not want to give up or eschew their tower of Christmas gifts just because their parents don’t believe in the season.

Quiz: Why might someone eschew something?

  • They feel strongly opposed to it.
  • They are open to trying something new.
  • They have an overpowering desire to have it.

Memory Hook

Eschew Chewing Once I chewed tobacco, but now I eschew chewing because I found out it can cause mouth cancer.


  • The noisy pageant of high-flying hot-dog skiers and snarling snowmobiles getting big air off the bumps has attracted tens of thousands of young fans who would normally eschew this resort's $400-a-night hotel rates. —The Washington Post
  • That tension between Seuss and Seuss-free classrooms is emblematic of a bigger debate playing out across the country—should we continue to teach classic books that may be problematic, or eschew them in favor of works that more positively represent people of color? —NPR
  • In smaller school districts, careful in-person reopenings in August and September didn’t lead to an explosion of COVID-19 cases. And now, the country's largest school systems, which had largely eschewed in-person instruction, are venturing partially back into the classroom. —USA Today
  • The annual event put on by the Independent Feature Project may have begun as a small, grass-roots program honoring work from the then-burgeoning independent film scene, but over the last two decades it has turned into a big, hip party—sort of a flip, irreverent cousin to the more traditional Oscars. Stars eschew Harry Winston diamonds, Vera Wang gowns and Armani tuxes for shabby-chic casual and blue jeans, leather jackets and athletic shoes. —Los Angeles Times

Word Ingredients

From a root word meaning “to avoid.”

Word Theater

Home Improvement Aliens apparently eschew well-lit housing.

Word Constellation