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Leave extraneous or unneeded information out of the brochure. If we put too much extraneous information that is not essential to our message, people may not take the time to read the brochure. Our printing costs will also be kept reasonable if we get rid of any extraneous or unnecessary information that does not really need to be there.

Quiz: When would information be considered extraneous?

  • When it is essential to understanding a problem.
  • When it doesn’t seem to connect to the present situation.
  • When it is highly confidential and should not be made public.

Memory Hook

Extra Gorgeous You are extra gorgeous as it is, so adding makeup is something extraneous that you do not need to do!


  • Both humans and porpoises can screen out extraneous sounds, and it is presumed whales can, too, given the extreme frequencies at which they can pitch their click trains and at which their sensitive [ears] will pick up the descriptive echoes. —Sports Illustrated
  • Everyday vision encompasses an extraordinary range of abilities. . . . We fill in blind spots, automatically correct distorted information, and erase extraneous images that cloud our view (our noses, the eyes’ blood vessels). —Discover Magazine
  • At this point it gets a little confusing with drill-down pie charts, especially if you're just browsing, and a spiral view is also offered which feels extraneous. —The Washington Post

Word Ingredients

extra outside, beyond
-ous possessing the nature of

Something extraneous “possesses the nature of (being) outside” the center of something.

Word Theater

Wayne's World The information at one time was extraneous, but is no longer.

Word Constellation