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Hattie was a fervid, passionate volunteer who felt that helping others was essential to life. Her fervid, enthusiastic energy and attention made the elders at the hospital feel cared for and loved. Hattie also volunteered at the elementary school, fervidly and eagerly supporting students in their work and boosting their confidence. Hattie’s fervid and spirited dedication earned her the service award for the year.

Quiz: What is likely considered fervid?

  • A piece of cheese that has sat out so long that it is moldy and smelly.
  • A meeting between two people that is held in a top-secret location.
  • A debate between two people who feel passionately about an issue.

Memory Hook

Ferret Video "Have you seen my new ferret video? It's the best! It's all about my pet ferret who is so funny and I'll bet you anything that it's going to win an Oscar. It's the best ferret video ever made!" We all couldn't believe that Bill was so fervid about a silly ferret home video.


  • When it came to crowd shots at Shea and Yankee stadiums, Fox’s 22 cameras favored fervid fans with hands pressed together in supplication. —Sports Illustrated
  • They may gravitate instead to a model cast in the image of [Audrey] Withers, a woman driven less by self-regard and a thirst for fame than by a fervid sense of mission. —New York Times

Word Ingredients

ferv boil, be hot
-id of or relating to

If someone is fervid about a belief he or she is “boiling over” with enthusiasm about it.

Word Theater

Billy on the Street This reporter is fervid about the actress Meryl Streep!

Word Constellation


Word Variants

fervent adj showing great enthusiasm
fervor n enthusiasm