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The chance, fortuitous encounter of the two songwriters led to a lifelong, musical partnership. They were both known for writing love songs, in which lucky, fortuitous events happened leading to happy circumstances. When the writers’ strike broke out in Hollywood, they were fortuitously or accidentally across the Atlantic working on a new musical, so the duo remained prosperous despite the strike.

Quiz: How would you feel about a fortuitous event?

  • You would be worried about the potential for disaster.
  • You would be devastated by such a horrible experience.
  • You would be pleased by such unexpected good luck.

Memory Hook

Fortunate Tuition House I was unable to pay my tuition one semester, but then a long lost aunt died who left me her house, a fortunate event for me since then I was able to pay my tuition by selling the house, quite the fortuitous chain of events.


  • Boomers are now the ones old enough to have accumulated the money—yet young enough to maintain the energy—to collect modern and contemporary art. The fortuitous combination of boomer collecting power and a new desire on the part of young artists to engage a wider audience has driven the market for contemporary art to unprecedented levels. —Newsweek
  • A week earlier, Ohno was leading the 1,000 on the final turn when a crash took out all but one skater. Australia's Steven Bradbury skated across the line as the fortuitous winner, while Ohno staggered across in time to get the silver despite a gash in his left leg. —Midland Reporter-Telegram
  • The scandal began when academic research revealed the suspiciously fortuitous timing of option grants, a disproportionate number of which occurred just before a rise in the share prices of executives' companies. —The Economist
  • This competition [between Boeing and Airbus for large sales contracts] comes at a fortuitous time for the two global aircraft giants, which have been experiencing delays and setbacks in developing the latest generation of massive airliners. —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

fortun luck, chance
-ous possessing the nature of

A fortuitous event “possesses the nature of luck or chance” that brings about something good.

Word Theater

Tombstone She believes that it is fortuitous that the two of them have met.

Word Constellation