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Elizabeth found Edward’s invitation to the movies to be too flowery and grandiloquent. There really was no need for him to grandiloquently recite the request in rhyme, or for him to wear a top hat and speak in such a fancy way with such big words! Furthermore, his grandiloquent or overly formal expression embarrassed her since he read his poem in front of her soccer team at practice. It was only a date to the movies, after all, not a grandiloquent, impressive marriage proposal!

Quiz: What is an example of grandiloquent speech?

  • I hope the weather gets better soon so we can go outside and play our soccer match.
  • My weather app says that the temperature is twenty degrees and that it may start snowing by this afternoon.
  • I am bafflingly bemused by this dandy day’s increasingly inclement meteorological mishaps.

Memory Hook

Grandiose Eloquence Howard was too grandiose in his attempts to sound eloquent and sophisticated; he was being grandiloquent.


  • They seem almost to intimidate each other, Howard being made edgy by the presence of a genuine New York Giants football hero, and Frank being slightly uneasy in the grandiloquent company of Cosell's massive vocabulary and precise grammar. —Sports Illustrated
  • Once, the most powerful House in Paris was Silverspires, the demesne of Morningstar, the first and most powerful of the Fallen. His fellow angels have only slightly less grandiloquent names, but taken together, they all give the book a sense of outsized gothic poetry. —NPR
  • Now and then we encountered a sentence, like Professor Owen's "axiom of the continuous operation of the ordained becoming of living things," which haunted us like an apparition. For, dim as our conception must needs be as to what such oracular and grandiloquent phrases might really mean, we felt confident that they presaged no good to old beliefs. —The Atlantic

Word Ingredients

grand great, lofty, powerful
-i- connective
loqu talk, speak
-ent being in a state or condition

One who is prone to being grandiloquent is often “in a state or condition of speaking in a great, lofty, or powerful” way.

Word Constellation