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  • Noun




Advertising companies often engage in false and flowery hyperbole or exaggeration. One ad that uses gross distortion or hyperbole suggests that a type of shampoo can make one’s hair shine as brightly as the sun itself! Overstatement via the use of hyperbole is so prevalent in the ad industry that consumers have become wise to the fact that they shouldn’t believe everything they hear about advertised products.

Quiz: What is hyperbole?

  • The act of not always telling the truth.
  • An ad campaign that seeks to persuade.
  • A way of exaggerating about things.

Memory Hook

Bowling Hype "Hey, James, have you heard the hype about the new bowling ball? The hype says that the bowling ball will not only help you get a strike every time, but that its shiny reflection will make you so attractive that you'll have women all over you! Isn't that awesome?" I couldn't believe that my friend actually believed the hyperbole about the bowling ball ... what ridiculous hype.


  • Yes, Mahomes was kidding when he said this will be Brady’s 150th Super Bowl. But the hyperbole is allowed. —USA Today
  • Payne, a spirited man prone to hyperbole, claimed Atlanta would be "the safest place on this wonderful planet." —Sports Illustrated

Word Ingredients

hyper- over, above
bol throw

The use of hyperbole is a “throwing” of words “over or above” the reality of a situation.

Word Theater

Oliver Oliver's hyperbole is heartfelt.

Word Constellation