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  • Adj.




Once Dash Milton confirmed the production of thousands of vehicles, the manufacturing process would be inexorable or unstoppable. Mr. Milton, CEO of Motors, Inc., understood that once the inexorable process of production had begun it simply could not be halted. Hopefully the process of selling all those cars would also be inexorable or unable to be ended!

Quiz: What does it mean when something is inexorable?

  • It is important to finish because others depend on it.
  • It could be a disaster if a mistake is not corrected.
  • It cannot be halted once it has been set in motion.

Memory Hook

Next? Adorable I Since my three sisters had already been married to various dukes and I was the next adorable daughter in line, it was inexorable that I would soon be married as well.


  • A bleak, darkly beautiful tale played out against the background of the First Age of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, _The Children of Húrin_ possesses the mythic resonance and grim sense of inexorable fate found in Greek tragedy. —The Washington Post
  • As the unrivaled global superpower, America exports its culture on an unprecedented scale. . . . A main problem is that culture is no longer a protected species, but subject to the inexorable drive for free trade, says Joost Smiers, a political science professor at the Utrecht School of the Arts. —The Christian Science Monitor
  • There had never been a no-hitter in the World Series, and there had not been a perfect game in the major leagues for 34 years. But, there was Larsen, going into the eighth. Jackie Robinson tried his best to slow down the inexorable pressure of fate when he stepped out of the box with two strikes and walked away to talk for a second with Gil Hodges. —Sports Illustrated
  • Wagner wants to restrain what many see as an inexorable force: the transformation of Malibu’s end-of-the continent ruggedness into a gaudy version of Palm Beach. Malibu has struggled with this tension over identity for decades, in the meantime evolving into a strange mix of contradictions. —Los Angeles Times

Word Ingredients

in- not
ex- out of, from, off
or speak, plead, pray
-able handy, capable of

An inexorable event is “not able to be pleaded or spoken away,” that is, it will happen no matter what anyone “prays.”

Word Constellation