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  • Adj.




Gilly agreed that the speaker’s presentation had been full of uninformed, simplistic, and jejune ideas. Gilly was a specialist on the topic herself, and she had hoped for a more interesting talk instead of the empty, uninteresting, and jejune one she heard. Next time, she would find out the background of the lecturer, and if he or she was unschooled, jejune, or lacking in information, she would not attend.

Quiz: How might you feel while sitting through a jejune lecture on school activities?

  • Not engaged and wishing the lecture contained more valuable information.
  • Inspired and excited to get involved in the many things happening on campus.
  • Confused and frustrated by the overall disorganization of the presentation.

Memory Hook

Jet June Bugs Can you believe that all Chet has ever talked about are jet June bugs? He thinks they sound cool, but are black bugs really all that interesting? And to talk about them his entire life? It's the only idea Chet has ever had! His boring jet June bug obsession is jejune.


  • As a younger man, he and his brother had chased with jejune enthusiasm a host of possible entropy-busting perpetual motion machines. Their contraptions proved not only to not function at all, but they had often already been thought up by ingenious others. —NPR
  • All of "The Crack Up" is an endlessly repeated definition of "jejune"—the dry and hungry gasping of a mind empty of new ideas, or even of new attitudes to meet a fast-changing world. —The New York Times

Word Ingredients

jejun fasting, empty, thin, meager
e used for spelling and pronunciation

Anything jejune is lacking in something, making it “empty, thin, or meager.”

Word Constellation