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  • Noun




We were in real jeopardy or danger when the elephant in the wildlife sanctuary came charging towards our car. We couldn’t believe that the bull elephant was so mad, and that we were in this situation of great jeopardy or threat. Fortunately, throwing our bag of peanuts out the window saved us from being knocked over and trampled, and thus we saved ourselves from great jeopardy or personal hazard.

Quiz: What is an example of someone who is in jeopardy?

  • A dentist whose patient was their first-grade teacher.
  • A hiker who fell off a cliff and broke their leg.
  • A new doctor who passed their medical exams.

Memory Hook

Jeopardy Jeopardy! The Game Jeopardy is a game show where your accumulated money is put into jeopardy when you answer questions.


  • Taken together, that isolation and invisibility often put the caregivers' own health in jeopardy, leading to increased risk of illness and death. —WebMD
  • Frankly, I don’t see how her license is in any jeopardy, but I was not given the opportunity to write any rules or regulations. —WebMD
  • 'The major point is bad policy at an extraordinary expense and I believe putting the President and Democrats in jeopardy,' DeFazio told Parker Spitzer. —CNN
  • Managers are forever pulling punches, thanks to political correctness, legal jeopardy and, perhaps, the general niceness that afflicts our times. —The Economist

Word Ingredients

joc joke, child's play
part part
-y state or condition

When someone is in jeopardy of losing something, he has a “part (way of) playing” to lose it, and a “part (way of) playing” to retain it, with no way of knowing whether the “joke” will be on him or not!

Word Theater

School of Rock Putting Ned's career in jeopardy was a bad idea.

Word Constellation