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  • Noun




Glen wrote Merry a missive or letter describing his love for her every day for a month. His lengthy, heartfelt, and thoughtful notes or missives arrived each afternoon, which Merry read with evident delight. After the arrival of Glen’s final missive or written message, Merry bought a plane ticket and traveled to Australia to see him in person.

Quiz: What is the purpose of a missive?

  • To communicate an important message in writing.
  • To secretly plan an attack on an enemy force.
  • To send a visual warning of an approaching army.

Memory Hook

Give Permission I need to handwrite an official missive to my boss for her to give me permission to take a personal day off of work.


  • Putin also disclosed that he had received a letter from President Bush ahead of the meeting, a missive he called a 'very serious document.' —Los Angeles Times
  • Three additional guitarists bolster the emotional vehemence of the Dylanesque 'See You Around,' a compelling missive that describes a soured friendship with such finality that the mesmerizing titular refrain becomes more a warning than a pledge. —Rolling Stone
  • The plan doesn’t have to be concrete, it doesn’t have to be infinitely detailed, it doesn’t have to be a grandiose missive that will end up saving the planet and curing society’s ills. —Men's Health
  • The 10-page missive urged the election of six independent board members 'to replace Image’s current directors, whom we believe are entrenched, conflicted, and not acting in your best interests.' —BNET

Word Ingredients

miss sent
-ive of or that which does something

A missive is a form of communication “sent” in the mail.

Word Theater

B. Smyth - Letter He's writing his love a missive.

Word Constellation