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  • Adj.




Despite the fact that my kid brother is twenty-five years old, he is still naive or too trusting in his interactions with people. Just the other day my naive and simple brother gave fifty dollars to some guy simply because he said that he needed it, and my brother believed him. Someday his naive and unsuspecting nature, which some people take advantage of, is going to really get him into trouble.

Quiz: What is something a naive person might do?

  • Trick someone into giving them some money.
  • Think that everyone is telling them the truth.
  • Try to focus on homework despite being tired.

Memory Hook

Knives A naive person would even trust someone who carries around knives.


  • I was so naive as a kid I used to sneak behind the barn and do nothing. — Johnny Carson, American television host Johnny carson, american television host
  • One of the first things that, in that very naive way, you attempted to deal with were the kind of funny, swinging, London-type things that were going on. —Rolling Stone
  • They are not naïve to think that “unfair” circumstances don’t exist, but they find ways around them rather than dwelling on the perceived unfairness of it all. —Forbes
  • So, while it would be naive to deny LeBron's influence, it isn't exactly right to make it seem as if the resumption of the season would be all about him. —Sports Illustrated

Word Ingredients

nat be born

The phrase “born yesterday” could easily describe a naive person since they don’t know things they should, as if they were very young.

Word Theater

Bourne Supremacy He cannot believe that she is that naive.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

naiveté n the condition of being too trusting