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  • Noun




Our teacher assigned us an omnibus, or collection of Faulkner’s short fiction that we could not finish. The vast omnibus of his writings included all of his novels. Dr. Emily Rose wanted us to read the entire anthology, but no one had time to complete all the pages of such a long omnibus. A second Faulkner omnibus contained hundreds of his letters, which we also could not complete.

Quiz: What might an omnibus help you do?

  • Travel in an environmentally friendly vehicle.
  • Conveniently read some of an author’s writings all in one book.
  • Investigate the potential wrongdoing of a suspected criminal.

Memory Hook

Bus Dominion We saw an omnibus of buses yesterday at the bus convention; there was such an omnibus of buses there that it seemed like buses held dominion over the entire world of transportation.


  • Readers who pick up the _Omnibus_ edition without understanding that _Wool_ developed out of a single short story may be a little confused by the episodic five sections in the book. _The Wool Omnibus_ is really three different related stories packed into one. —Wired
  • Neil Gaiman's _Sandman_, which spanned 75 glorious issues in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and spun wonder out of eternity and global folklore, remains the greatest 10-volume comic book omnibus ever published. —Wired

Word Ingredients

omni all
-bus for

An omnibus was originally a long vehicle used as transportation “for all,” which was later shortened to just “bus.” Just as many people can be brought together on an omnibus, so too can many works be brought together into a single volume, or omnibus.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

omnibus adj pertaining to that which covers many things or brings many things together
omnibus n a bus