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  • Noun




Our teacher assigned us an omnibus, or collection of Faulkner’s short fiction that we could not finish. The vast omnibus of his writings included all of his novels. Dr. Emily Rose wanted us to read the entire anthology, but no one had time to complete all the pages of such a long omnibus. A second Faulkner omnibus contained hundreds of his letters, which we also could not complete.

Quiz: What is an omnibus?

  • The definitive edition of an author’s life-long written work.
  • A gathered collection of separate writings, usually by one author.
  • A random collection of assigned reading for a class.

Memory Hook

Bus Dominion We saw an omnibus of buses yesterday at the bus convention; there was such an omnibus of buses there that it seemed like buses held dominion over the entire world of transportation.


  • Last week appropriations for the fence, approved in October of last year, were gutted in the omnibus spending bill approved by the House. —Los Angeles Times
  • A new study of December’s omnibus spending package shows that the party in power has resisted pressure to abandon earmarking, at least to the extent of handing lawmakers in tough districts plenty of pet projects they can boast about to voters. —Newsvine
  • The Senate took that action on Saturday, after Senate leaders promised that the omnibus spending bill on which the provision was riding would not be sent to the president for his signature until both houses had repealed it. —The Washington Post
  • A stickler for process, he was livid over Gingrich’s going over the heads of committee chairmen to negotiate an omnibus budget bill with the White House earlier this fall. —Newsweek

Word Ingredients

omni all
-bus for

An omnibus was originally a long vehicle used as transportation “for all,” which was later shortened to just “bus.” Just as many people can be brought together on an omnibus, so too can many works be brought together into a single volume, or omnibus.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

omnibus adj pertaining to that which covers many things or brings many things together
omnibus n a bus