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  • Verb




After eating a dozen doughnuts at the bakery, Doughnut Don’s appetite for sugar was satiated or completely satisfied. These sugar needs happened from time to time, but Doughnut Don could always count on “Bart’s Bakery” on the corner to fully fill or satiate his large sweet tooth. In fact, after some visits to Bart’s, Doughnut Don consumed so many doughnuts that he often felt too full, stuffed, or satiated by sugary delights.

Quiz: If something satiates you, how do you feel?

  • Overwhelmed and very tired.
  • Filled and completely content.
  • Wet and uncomfortably cold.

Memory Hook

Satiate Say She Ate My foodie friend would not stop talking or thinking about food. She would constantly say she ate this, and say she ate that, as she satiated herself all day.


  • Half a drink will not quench your thirst / Half a meal will not satiate your hunger / Half the way will get you no where / Half an idea will bear you no results — Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese-American poet and visual artist, from "Do Not Love Half-Midnight" Kahlil gibran, lebanese-american poet and visual artist, from "do not love half-midnight"
  • Stop by Hub Cafe on Wednesday to peruse a selection of local vegetables and cheese from Pekarek Produce, Shadowbrook Farm and Dutchgirl Creamery. If the produce doesn’t satiate your hunger, the cafe will be open for business. —The Daily Nebraskan
  • The building will reopen when that [repair and testing] process is complete, but until then, the museum has devised another way to satiate history-hungry visitors. —The Washington Post
  • So maybe, entomunchies? Alternative proteins? Whatever we call them, there’s a good chance more bugs will soon hit store shelves. And as we continue to refine our palate, scientists hope to satiate our eco-friendly appetites one cricket at a time. —Discover Magazine

Word Ingredients

sat enough
-ate make someone have a certain quality

To satiate someone is to “make her have enough” of something.

Word Theater

TV Advertisement: Alka Seltzer (1972) He has been satiated to his own discomfort.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

satiated adj full
insatiable adj not able to be satisfied