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Gretta was known for her clever, stimulating, and scintillating conversation on all topics. As the wife of the governor, her scintillating or brilliant talent for conversing easily and well proved useful. Visiting officials and guests from all over the nation welcomed Gretta’s scintillating, interesting, and lively company while staying at the governor’s mansion.

Quiz: What is a scintillating conversation?

  • One that is cut short by something.
  • One that is entertaining and engaging.
  • One that makes you feel welcome.

Memory Hook

Intelligent Cat My cat is so intelligent and interesting that my intelligent cat's meowing is simply scintillating!


  • New York musicians rarely have the time for idle chat and conversation after a gig. Despite popular assumption of our scintillating after-hours, that illusion is overtaken by the constant hustle to juggle a part-time or full-time job, a myriad of errands, a second or third gig of the day, and perhaps a child or two somewhere. — Kat Edmonson, American musician Kat edmonson, american musician
  • As a general rule, budget hearings for government agencies do not make for scintillating news. But this year, the Spokane county commissioners are bringing a little drama to the process. —Spokane Public Radio
  • Allen West was the guest speaker with a scintillating talk on the topic, which had guests glued to their seats as they raised $60,000 for the folks at CareNet to continue their work. —Albuquerque Journal
  • Kahneman uses this scheme to frame a scintillating discussion of his findings in cognitive psychology and behavioral economics, and of the ingenious experiments that tease out the irrational, self-contradictory logics that underlie our choices. —Publishers Weekly

Word Ingredients

scintill spark, glittering spot
-ing a or of a continuous action

Something scintillating is like a “glittering spot” or a “sparking” which “sparks” interest in it.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

scintillate v to be brilliant, animated, and lively