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  • Noun




After winning the championship for his team, Brad gained the sobriquet or nickname “Golden Boy.” This admiring term or friendly sobriquet reflected the affection of his team and fans. Brad was a bit embarrassed by the label or sobriquet—he felt that the win had been a team effort, and not solely his own doing.

Quiz: What is a sobriquet?

  • A team surprisingly winning a national championship.
  • An award given to someone for years of hard work.
  • An affectionate and funny name given to someone.

Memory Hook

Briquette Sobriquet I have given my grill charcoal or briquettes the sobriquet of "meat so sizzlings" because those briquettes make sizzling meat taste so good!


  • Metallica always have been branded the thinking man’s metal band, and they plan to refresh that sobriquet when they perform with the San Francisco Symphony on April 21 and 22, at Berkeley, Calif.'s Community Theatre. —Rolling Stone
  • 'Hatchet man' was the sobriquet most often applied to him because of his alleged ruthlessness in paring the workforce and ousting those deemed disloyal to the Nixon administration. —The Washington Post
  • The best player on tour without a win will be stuck, like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth, with that sobriquet for another year. —Sports Illustrated
  • Harlemites had coined the sobriquet 'Sugar Hill 'not only because the street was perched on a bluff far above the shivering hunger of Harlem but also because sugar as slang for money. —The Washington Post

Word Ingredients

From a root word meaning “chuck under the chin,” which is a friendly manner with which to interact with someone, as is giving someone a nickname; both are considered to be “endearments” which are often used with people who are “dear” to each other.

Word Theater

The Unmentionables Cartoon criminals and their sobriquets.

Word Constellation