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My pet fish Zach and Zebula are so superficial or shallow, concerned only about how their tails swish and how shiny their scales are. They never talk about anything important or about what really matters, but chat about superficial or surface things like who is swimming with whom and who ate the most fish food. They only get the superficial or obvious parts of the books we read in our school of fish, like who did what, not why someone did something. How I would love to meet someone other than Zach or Zebula who is not superficial or without depth, who doesn’t care so much about how they look but what they are like inside instead!

Quiz: If you do superficial research for a project, what have you done?

  • You have extensively researched your topic and understand it on a deeper level.
  • You have only researched the basic and most obvious aspects of your topic.
  • You have done so much research that you are having a hard time sorting through it all.

Memory Hook

Super Special Facial Candy is only concerned with getting the super special facial every day at the local spa, and then admiring her face for the rest of the day.


  • We have created an environment in which scrutiny of political candidates is superficial, and in which candidates can get away with knowing only enough about critical issues to fill a three-by-five-inch filing card. —Harper’s Magazine
  • The other day I heard a story about a friend’s recent experience with an energy services company. It got me thinking about the impact of a “superficial” or “surface level” customer service experience strategy and how applied experience design thinking could help in the design of cohesive service experiences. —Huffington Post

Word Ingredients

super- over, above
fac face, surface
-al of or relating to

When one is superficial, one is only concerned with those aspects “above the face” or “over the surface,” not anything that is underneath.

Word Theater

Annie Hall A superficial couple.

Word Constellation