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  • Verb




Thomas found the travel brochure tantalizing; he longed for a trip to England, but realistically knew he couldn’t afford such a journey. In talking with the travel agent, he found the idea of traveling even more tantalizing or exciting. The agent told him that the airfares were at a special and tantalizing low price, but Thomas realized, with frustration, that the trip was still beyond his reach.

Quiz: If you are tantalized by something, how might you feel?

  • Excited, since you are experiencing something new and different.
  • Frustrated, since you want it but probably can’t have it.
  • Nervous, since you are being chased by something that could hurt you.

Memory Hook

Tantalize Tan, Tall, and Gorgeous Eyes She's tan, she's tall, with gorgeous blue eyes, and does nothing but tantalize me--she's way out of my league! How I wish I were Tom Cruise!


  • To torment and tantalize oneself with hopes of possible fortune is so sweet, so thrilling! — Anton Chekhov, Russian playwright and short-story writer, from “The Lottery Ticket” Anton chekhov, russian playwright and short-story writer, from “the lottery ticket”
  • Financial advisers like to tantalize us by explaining how a tiny investment can grow into a startling sum through the exponential magic of compound interest. —Wired
  • After a nine-year, three-billion-mile journey—and a brief technical hiccup on July 4—the New Horizons probe will get within 7,750 miles of the mysterious world during a flyby on July 14. The spacecraft has been making observations as it closes in on its target, and already it's found things that tantalize the science teams at NASA. —Smithsonian Magazine
  • looked at the background and restaurants of the five young chefs nominated for the Rising Star award and located some fun things to do and see around their restaurant. And we also found out their signature dishes to further tantalize your taste buds. —ABC News

Word Ingredients

-ize treat in a certain way

Tantalize comes from the Greek mythological character “Tantalus,” whose punishment in the Underworld did not allow him to eat or drink, despite the fact that he was standing in water and grapes hung over his head; hence, to tantalize is to “treat like Tantalus.”

Word Theater

YouTube: Shabam School: The Fox and the Grapes The grapes are tantalizing the fox.

Word Constellation