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When I attended the Rolling Stones concert, there was tumultuous applause even at the beginning of the show that drowned out the strains of the first song. The tumultuous music itself mirrored the wild and noisy rock and roll genre that drove fans crazy with excitement. Once the concert ended, the crowd broke into such a tumultuous and hugely happy uproar that Mick Jagger and company came back onstage for three encores.

Quiz: How would you describe a tumultuous relationship?

  • One that starts and ends quickly.
  • One that is long-lasting and built on trust.
  • One that is full of unrest and disagreement.

Memory Hook

Ultimate Tumble The buffalo, in the wild confusion of their tumultuous stampede, all rushed off the cliff, taking the ultimate tumble to their deaths.


  • I realized a little bit to my astonishment that I can give a lecture for a thousand people, and there will be this tumultuous applause, so, you know, I have the feeling well, it can’t be all that bad. — Edmund Hillary Edmund hillary
  • The tumultuous day left many traders and analysts bewildered, unable to point to any particular forces driving prices up or down except a general sense of anxious confusion. —The New York Times
  • Barry Werth is the author of _31 Days: The Crisis That Gave Us the Government We Have Today,_ an account of the tumultuous days following President Nixon’s resignation and the swearing-in of America’s "accidental president," Gerald Ford. —Newsweek
  • The ’60s were tumultuous, riven by the Vietnam War, urban riots, the assassinations. Americans constantly questioned why we were going to the Moon when we couldn’t handle our problems on Earth. —Smithsonian Magazine

Word Ingredients

tum swell, disturbance, uproar, riot
-uous of the nature of

A tumultuous crowd is “swelling” with noise, causing a great “disturbance,” including an “uproar” and perhaps even a “riot.”

Word Constellation


Word Variants

tumult n noise and disturbance from a large, disorderly crowd