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The loud and vociferous crowd yelled out for more. The concert had been a huge success, with the band encouraging the vociferous input of the increasingly noisy crowd. Smart audience members chose to wear earplugs to combat the terrific din of the vociferous fans. Once the concert ended, the noise level remained high, as everyone vociferously exclaimed about the great show of the band Quiet Riot.

Quiz: How is someone acting if they are being vociferous?

  • They are stubbornly refusing to compromise.
  • They are insistent that they be heard.
  • They are greedily taking the best of everything for themselves.

Memory Hook

Vocal Ferris A vociferous Ferris Bueller vociferates on how to fake out parents.


  • The miners launched a sustained and vociferous public-relations campaign against the proposed "resource super-profits tax", and shelved billions of dollars of mining investments. —The Economist
  • Both New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and Michelle Obama have been most vociferous in admonishing food companies to lower the amount of salt in their products. —The Atlantic
  • Dig this scene with [Senators John] McCain and Lindsey Graham: "They were running for the exit signs," Graham said, and Democrats weren’t the only ones unhappy with McCain’s vociferous calls for troop increases. —The Atlantic
  • Republicans, whose vociferous calls for expanded offshore drilling have been met with widespread public approval, opposed the bill, claiming that it did not offer enough financial incentives to coastal states. —The Christian Science Monitor

Word Ingredients

voc call, voice
-i- connective
fer carry, bring, bear
-ous possessing the nature of

One who is vociferous “carries or bears (her) voice” in order to be heard.

Word Theater

Mario Savio Sproul Hall Speech He vociferously states his opinions.

Word Constellation


Word Variants

vociferate v to cry out loudly