Practice for long-term recall.

The Membean Adaptive Reinforcement Engine handles your practice routine so you don’t have to worry about knowing when to study. It adapts to your individual learning style and knows when a practice will do your memory the most good. You’ll see each word just enough times to know it cold. By taking guesswork and pain out of practice, you’ll have more time to learn your words and remember them longer. Membean makes your practice smart and highly efficient.
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Memory Strength

There are many causes of recall failure — Membean addresses all of them.

Failure to transfer into long-term memory

If no learning happens, there’s nothing to remember. Learning involves transferring new information into your long-term memory store. Many things can go wrong during this transfer.

  • Attention Failure

    Your senses register an amazing amount of detail, but details are held in your sensory memory for only a very short time. If you don’t direct your attention deliberately on what you want to study, it’s quickly lost. Most attention failures are simply due to boredom. Membean’s rich visualizations and simple content, combined with timed learning sessions, keep you interested and focused.

  • Selection Failure

    If you don’t choose the right things to learn, you’ll not only perform poorly on the exam but also waste a considerable amount of time. Membean Word Memlets provide carefully selected pieces of information on each word — all on one page.

  • Encoding Failure

    New words are learned best if you can build bridges from them to what you already know about the world — a process known as encoding. Relating a memory to multiple other memories makes it stronger. Each Membean Word Memlet helps you build an additional connection. You won’t just memorize a word — you’ll really understand it.

Failure to retrieve from long-term memory

Although a word is in long-term memory it can still be hard to retrieve it. It’s like trying to find a friend at a very crowded party. You know she’s there somewhere but you just can’t find her.

  • Interference

    New memories actively interfere with older memories, making them difficult to get to. The only reliable way to mitigate this is practice. By monitoring your learning process, Membean determines when a word is suffering from interference and boosts its strength with a quick practice.

  • Weak Environment Cues

    It’s much easier to recall the capital of Thailand if you’re told that it starts with a “B”. Sometimes the test question doesn’t give you enough clues to trigger your memory. Membean consolidates your memory with smart practice so you’ll know the word cold. Even with very few hints you’ll be able to recall the word and its associated information on exam day.