Don’t just memorize — understand!

Learning new words gets simple when you can easily create bridges in your brain from what you already know to what you want to know. Membean Memlets — little packets of knowledge — are carefully designed to make it easy to build these bridges. Each of our Memlets throws another hook into your brain. Vocabulary sticks because these hooks don’t come off easily. Vocabulary books and test prep books try to get you to memorize definitions, whereas Membean builds understanding — understanding that’s crucial to excel on the test.
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Here are some of the ways Membean helps you learn a word:

Context: A Natural Way To Learn

Context video Learning words from context is a natural way to learn. The Context Memlet was specifically constructed to make it easy to process cues. This Memlet actively engages your brain, bolstering long term recall…
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Memory Hooks: Fun and Creative

Memory Hooks Video There is strong evidence that one particular learning strategy favors vocabulary recall above all others — Memory Hooks. Time and again this mnemonic method has proven to be a versatile vocabulary learning strategy…
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Examples: Real Words from the Real World

Example Sentences video The Examples Memlet shows you how words are used in a modern context. Nothing here is Shakespearean, Dickensian, esoteric, or exotic; these example sentences are from modern journalistic resources…
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Root Trees: An Arboretum of Words

Root Tree video Studying word formation is an important skill, but identifying roots and mapping them to meaning is not always straightforward. The Word Ingredients Memlet shows how roots combine to make meaning…
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Word Constellation: Explore the Word Cosmos

Constellation video The Constellation Memlet is useful in practicing for "analogies"-type test questions. It arranges words as a network of ideas and concepts. Navigate through more than 150,000 words to see how they relate to others…
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Related Words: Unlocking Subtle Connections

Related Words Video The Related Words Memlet provides a grouping of relationships among words. More than just synonyms and antonyms, these present broader relationships than found in any traditional thesaurus…
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